Family and Friends:

We are so proud to announce that Earthseed Cooperative* is landing!

Earthseed is about to settle on a beautiful 12-acre property in Durham County! This land has woods for roaming, fields for growing, and structures that we will transform into spaces for retreating, convening, organizing, celebrating and beyond.

We are in a tremendous place of excitement and gratitude. There are so many in our community who have visioned with us, who deeply want us tosucceed in this cooperative enterprise, and to whom we are spiritually accountable. We want to give a deep bow of gratitude to Vivette Jeffries Logan who opened our first “land group” conversation more than 4½ years ago with powerful ceremony and who has been a mentor and supporter ever since. 

We are so grateful for the incredible wisdom, resources, love, ritual, and blessing in our community and THIS is a request to keep sending more love blessing and prayers our way.

In particular, we are asking for prayers and energy toward:

COOPERATION: Continued stretching, living, breathing into this work and its application to the nuts and bolts of operations and governance.
FINANCING: We have secured preliminary loan approvals (June 15th is our closing date!) and we have some money in the bank. And, there are still many details to figure out!
LOVE and LIBERATION: In the face of capitalism, land loss, violence and oppression, we choose livelihood through collaboration, and have dreams of a haven to share with our communities. Please read our fabulous mission, vision and values statement.

More updates are coming soon!

With gratitude and respect,

Cristina Rivera Chapman, Kifu Faruq, Santos Flores, Corre Robinson, Justin Robinson, Zulayka Santiago, Tahz Rufus Walker, Courtney Woods

We offer special gratitude for the brilliance of Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Julia Sangodare Wallace, and Melanie Wilkerson who are former members and instrumental to conceptualizing Earthseed’s vision.

*Earthseed Land Cooperative


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