We are Earthseed Land Collective! We are black and brown parents, activists, artists, educators, business owners, farmers, and researchers, who came together to remember our relationships to land, to livelihood and to each other.

We are in the process of building a home-base for Earthseed: to support ourselves and our broader communities.We envision many ways for our community to connect directly to this work, such as: wild plant walks,  herb classes, survival skills classes, farm classes, drum classes, capoeira classes, environmental stewardship & event rentals.

We are grateful to have powerful elders and experienced non-profit leaders providing us with support and technical expertise. AND we need your help to further this collective dream.

Our ancestors knew all-too-well that the only way to move dreams of this magnitude forward was with the support and resources of their family, friends and neighbors.  Through resourcefulness and resilience, they figured out alternative paths towards self-determination.

Earthseed Land Cooperative is a transformational response to oppression and collective heartbreak: A model of community resilience through cooperative ownership of land and resources.  

TOGETHER: This is our alternative path.  We welcome your support!

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Earthseed ‘Quiet Period’

On June 15, 2017 Earthseed will be celebrating a one-year anniversary. That’s the day that we signed closing documents on 12 acres of land in Northern Durham.  This was the first of several tremendous leaps of faith we took together—into something that has felt both totally unknown and very familiar. A few months later, Earthseed … Continue reading Earthseed ‘Quiet Period’

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