Founding Members: Cristina Rivera Chapman, Santos Flores, Justin Robinson, Corre Robinson, Zulayka Santiago, Tahz Walker, Courtney Woods, Kifu Faruq

Our Mission: To remember and reimagine our relationship to ourselves, to each other and to the land in pursuit and practice of collective liberation.

What We Believe: We believe that creating intergenerational relationships and skill sharing promotes and increases resourcefulness, community wellness, financial independence and self-determination for our current past and future generations. We believe that in cooperation and with analysis of systems of oppression we will create a center for economic liberation and environmental sustainability.

Who We Are: We are a group of 8 black and brown Visionaries who walk out our belief in abundance by collaborating to acquire land for shared affordable housing, sustainable food production, environmental stewardship, community ritual and education space. Our collective is made up of farmers, entrepreneurs, professionals, and teachers who are currently engaged in creating alternative models for sustainability, equity, and cooperation within communities of color.