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TOWARDS FREEDOM 2020: Buy Black Debt Campaign

On October 1st we launched a Towards Freedom Campaign to pay off a good chunk of our debt.  Inspired by the Buy Black Debt project envisioned by Sonya Renee Taylor, our goal is to take the $150K we’ve raised thus far as seed funding for a campaign to match/double the amount by the Winter Solstice 2020.   To learn more about the campaign, go HERE



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Since landing in 2016, Earthseed has been able to cover monthly mortgage payments and expenses as well as invest in over $125K of infrastructure, through a combination of member investments, grants, individual donations (one-time and monthly sustainers). We have renovated one of our barns into a community gathering space (which includes a community kitchen). This space is now ready for public use.  As an all volunteer collaboration, we have already hosted over 20 groups, (Co-Fed, El Pueblo, Black Dirt Collective, SAAFON, BUGS Conference, HEAL Alliance, Village of Wisdom, and Sunrise Movement)

Earthseed envisions a future that is racially and economically just; in which wealth, land, and power are equitably shared. Currently, the richest 20% of Americans own 88% of the wealth in the US. One tool we use as a step toward economic justice is a sliding scale for our programs and rentals. The concept: those with access to less resources, pay less; and those with more access, pay more.

Donations ensure our ability offer our sliding scale; to prioritize our communities most impacted by economic injustice AND honor the sustainability of Earthseed.

We need your help to further this collective dream! We welcome your financial support to continue moving this great work forward! Please donate TODAY and forward to anyone else you think may be interested in supporting.

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*This is no longer an active campaign, all proceeds go directly to Earthseed Land Collective*

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