FUNdraising for the Barnraising!



On June 15th, 2016 Earthseed Land Cooperative purchased a beautiful 12-acre property in Durham County! Additionally, on November 4th we acquired the adjacent 36 acres for a total of 48 acres (33 of which will be conserved as green space!) This land has woods for roaming, fields for growing, and structures that we will transform into community spaces for convening, organizing, celebrating, healing and beyond.

The focus of this crowdfunding campaign is the transformation of one of the barns into a community gathering space on the land.  Our goal is to raise $30K within 30 days.  Specifically, this seed funding will enable us to: reinforce the structure, install flooring, refurbish the heating system and install weather protection.

The longer-term phase of work will be focused on installing a community kitchen and bathroom, preparing the land for agriculture, herbaculture, walking trails, treehouses for short-term rentals, a bathhouse, as well as space for a limited number of private residences for like-minded folks of color in our community.

The 8 of us have come a long way together in the last 4.5 years, now we need your help to further this collective dream! We welcome your financial support to continue moving this great work forward! Please donate TODAY and forward to anyone else you think may be interested in supporting.

Thanks to some of our great friends, we’ve already raised $4,316 towards our goal!  If you want to become a SUSTAINER of Earthseed, you can do so by committing to a monthly amount ($10, $25 or $50). Please visit our website to sign up!  We are looking to gain at least 40 sustainers with this campaign!

Donors of $500 and above can be part of our SUNSHINE CIRCLE—early investors in bringing the Earthseed Vision to life! Among other perks, joining the Sunshine Circle will allow you to participate in Earthseed-hosted workshops (about 1/month) for free. To see a list of upcoming workshops, visit our website! 

To learn more about Earthseed Land Cooperative:

Earthseed’s Mission: To increase the self-determination of ourselves, our communities and generations to come, by providing access to land and structures that enable us to build wealth, foster environmental sustainability and actualize community wellness.

A bit about cooperatives: A cooperative enterprise is based on the values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity, as well as accountability and transparency. And, it must operate democratically, according to a set of principles—set by the International Cooperative Alliance—that include open membership, equal voting rights for each member regardless of how much is invested (“one person, one vote”), returns based on use, continuous education, and concern for the community.

The land is my womb!


My feet feel raw today
Raw from the rock floors and muddy paths they have crossed
The comfort of the keyboard
And the scroll of the screen
Paling in comparison with the alive ruggedness of the land
With its cycle of death and birth
Not in the distance
But right up close

This place is not my home
The land is Not my home
but my womb
Not my womb which to bare fruit
But the womb I crawl inside of to remember from where I came

I am the mama bear
But still there is a place from where I was born
And it isn’t in a hospital
Or a city street
It is from the land

Do you cry when you remember this?
Does your heart shrivel in the knowledge that you aren’t alone?

I have heard it said that we can’t ever return home
But home is a revolving current reaching out to us
We only need to stop
And lie in the tall grass
As the [sunlight] pepper our backs

We stop and stay still
Not in the hope of salvation
But in the knowledge that all that we need is already within us
It comes from the land, too

My body hangs heavy on the earth as it has done a million times before
Abundance raging through me
Reminding me that open space is the only womb I need
Panoramic mountain vistas pulling me out of my shell

Concrete cages me in
I lose myself in its solidness
But when all I can see is meadows, grass and mountain peaks
The freedom of potential that is my birthright slaps me across the face
And I wonder why I ever left

Open space is my womb
To be birthed and to birth my gifts
To see you beyond your limitations of thought and feeling
But instead for the wild animal you are
Open space holds me close, fills me up and lets me go
Open space hold me down, brings me back and spits me out

Where are you reminded that everywhere is home?
Go there
Lie down and be still
Let this reminder be your prayer

-Ruth Lera

We are landing!



Family and Friends:

We are so proud to announce that Earthseed Cooperative* is landing!

Earthseed is about to settle on a beautiful 12-acre property in Durham County! This land has woods for roaming, fields for growing, and structures that we will transform into spaces for retreating, convening, organizing, celebrating and beyond.

We are in a tremendous place of excitement and gratitude. There are so many in our community who have visioned with us, who deeply want us tosucceed in this cooperative enterprise, and to whom we are spiritually accountable. We want to give a deep bow of gratitude to Vivette Jeffries Logan who opened our first “land group” conversation more than 4½ years ago with powerful ceremony and who has been a mentor and supporter ever since. 

We are so grateful for the incredible wisdom, resources, love, ritual, and blessing in our community and THIS is a request to keep sending more love blessing and prayers our way.

In particular, we are asking for prayers and energy toward:

COOPERATION: Continued stretching, living, breathing into this work and its application to the nuts and bolts of operations and governance.
FINANCING: We have secured preliminary loan approvals (June 15th is our closing date!) and we have some money in the bank. And, there are still many details to figure out!
LOVE and LIBERATION: In the face of capitalism, land loss, violence and oppression, we choose livelihood through collaboration, and have dreams of a haven to share with our communities. Please read our fabulous mission, vision and values statement.

More updates are coming soon!

With gratitude and respect,

Cristina Rivera Chapman, Kifu Faruq, Santos Flores, Corre Robinson, Justin Robinson, Zulayka Santiago, Tahz Rufus Walker, Courtney Woods

We offer special gratitude for the brilliance of Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Julia Sangodare Wallace, and Melanie Wilkerson who are former members and instrumental to conceptualizing Earthseed’s vision.

*Earthseed Land Cooperative